4 Paws Only Mobile Pet Grooming



Full Spaw
Our Full Spaw includes our signature Fluff Spaw bath plus a full body haircut to suit your pets breed, personality or lifestyle.
Full Spaw Deshed -Does your pet shed? Choose our 4 step de-shed process instead of full haricut to reduce shedding by 60-80%.
Small ~$60
Medium ~ $70
Large ~ $80
Extra Large ~ $90
Giant ~ $100 & up
Cat ~ $75
Fresh Spaw
Our Fresh Spaw includes our Fluff Spaw bath plus light trimming of face, feet, tail, sanitary area and paw pads. 
Small ~ $50
Medium ~ $60
Large ~ $70
Extra Large ~ $80
Giant ~ $90
Cat ~ $65

Fluff Spaw Bath
(ideal for short or smooth coat breeds only)
Small ~ $45
Medium ~ $55
Large ~ $65
Extra Large ~ $75
Giant ~ $85
Price Stipulations
  • Our prices are based on pets that have a healthy coat and skin. To maintain a healthy coat and skin, pets should be professionally groomed at a minimum of every 6-8 weeks.
  • Difficult Personalities (pets or parents) will be charged an additional fee :-)
Pet Sizing
  • Small- easily carried all day in an over the shoulder dog carrier.
  • Medium- can carry here and there but not all day. Won't fit into one of those cute carriers.
  • Large- can pick up and put on a table but not carry. Likes to try and be a lap dog but a little too big.
  • Extra Large- loves putting their head in your lap while watching TV, but you can't view the TV if the whole dog is in your lap :-)
  • Giant-They are the coffee table while watching TV.
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